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Blog Article ImageMid-August to mid-September was the first month this year that I had some downtime regarding competing. Every month this year I was competing or prepping for a show. The downtime was much needed to make some changes with training and to prioritize and readjust my schedule. It’s funny to say downtime when I am training 6 days a week, yet there is a lot of planning, scheduling, and extras when getting ready for competitions. I’m now a little over 6 weeks from my next show.

I’m more excited about this show than I’ve been in a while. I mentioned in the last blog that my last show was the first time I felt 100% on stage in a while. The months prior to the show I was gradually getting back to my full potential in the gym. Now I have the months before of feeling 100% as well. I’m incorporating more weight training and looking to put on a little size before I get leaner closer to the show.

I also picked up sponsorship from Team Edge and I am thrilled to represent them as well as receive their support. I am bringing a whole new package to the stage with a leaner physique, new posing, suit, hair, and makeup with the help of my new coaches. I’m very grateful for their support and guidance throughout my contest prep journey. I’ve started posing every day since I met with them. Anyone who competes knows that you get extra practice all the time at home.  Whenever I pass by a mirror at home, I can’t help but practice. It’s all-good because practice makes perfect.

I am also ecstatic to be lifting heavy weights again, since it has been over a year the last time I have. I always enjoy training intensely and pushing heavy weights is my favorite. Seeing the increase in weight as time goes by gives that feeling of accomplishing little goals all the time. I feel stronger which makes everything easier.  I’ve been feeling very motivated, focused, and determined and happy that my mind and body are in sync.

I always like to be positive and motivating, so I haven’t mentioned some of my minor injuries throughout the year. They were minor enough to continue to train, yet they kept me from the weight training intensity I was used to at the gym. I just focused on what I was able to do with the weights and continued with the martial arts.

Along this journey is support from fellow Team HMB athlete, Jada Kelly. We are scheduling a once a week training session together so we can push each other. With all the heavy weights comes the reliance on HMB. I have sore muscles most days and it’s reassuring to know that I have an outstanding supplement to help me reach my goals!

Posted on September 27, 2013


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