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Loving My Training!

Blog Article ImageValentine's Day has just passed and it reminded me to give love and appreciation not only to the people in my life, but my fit and healthy lifestyle as well. First, I am very grateful that the competition season is beginning. I am excited about receiving my new suit in the mail any day now and continuing with my posing practice. I added a few new steps to the sequence and am looking forward to presenting them on stage next month. I remind myself to always appreciate my physique, since competition can sometimes have me looking for perfection. At the same time, it does keep my competitive spirit.

Second, I remind myself to appreciate my training. I am always changing my workouts, so it never gets old. For me, even with the small changes, I still have an extreme passion to exercise. I feel very lucky to be able to love what I do on a daily basis. As a result, I receive the benefits of a great physique and various work opportunities.

Lastly, I have a tremendous appreciation for HMB. Ever since I started supplementing with it, I have noticed positive changes to my physique along with similar comments from fellow gym members. It has taken my training to the next level for even more enthusiastic workouts in both cardio and weight training. My physique has gotten leaner which allows me to look and feel better on a daily basis and for my shows. Not only am I very grateful for the supplement, but also the wonderful and kind Team HMB athletes and employees of MTI. From now until my next show in Culver City on March 26th, I will be expressing some extra love and appreciation during my training sessions and afterwards recovering with HMB!

Posted on February 22, 2011


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