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Looking back on 2015 and looking forward to 2016 | Priscilla Ribic

2015 was a crazy competitive year for me.  I competed in  6 competitions, 4 of which were IPF (International) events.  As 2016 unfolds it seems to be looking just as crazy, but slowing down with only 1 National and 4 International competitions on the schedule.  

I have just wrapped up the 2016 USA Powerlifting Open Nationals on May 21st and will be turning around and hitting the IPF platform again competing at the IPF Raw Worlds (in the Master class – Over 40 years old) on June 20th

My Nationals training was one of the strongest training cycles I have had in a long time.   I squatted 512 lbs., which was an unofficial IPF Master 1 World Record, benched 324 lbs. and only got my opening deadlift of 496 lbs.  I had a slight footwear malfunction during my deadlift that kept me rolling off the side of my shoe at the top causing me to lose my balance at lockout.  I did have fun giving 573 lbs. a ride all the way to the top before I lost balance.  Even though I didn’t get the lockout, 573(260kgs) is 12kgs above my current Open IPF World Record and I hope to get 3 white lights on it soon!

Nationals is in the books with a win and jumping back under the bar the Monday I flew home.  I am basically left with 2 weeks to flip-flop from equipped training to raw as I prepare to compete in the IPF Raw Worlds.  Those two weeks of raw training wrapped up pretty nicely, with one week to recoup and focus.  I hit the platform Monday, June 20th at 5pm CST.  You can watch live at

Keeping my body happy with a vigorous training cycle by making sure not to miss my HMB products (HMB, BetaTOR, BetaATP).  Thankful for the help in endurance, strength and RECOVERY as the 2016 season gets underway.

Priscilla Ribic
Team HMB
USA Powerlifting – National Team Member

Posted on June 16, 2016


Good Luck Champ!!!

Posted By Brad Gillingham on 06/16/2016

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