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Listen to Your Body | Eric Todd

"What should I do if I miss my specified weight percentage in my training sessions? Do I need to re-adjust the rest of my cycle?"

I have always been an advocate of listening to your body while training.  I did not always do this, and have struggled with a lot of injuries over the years as a result.  So, now I ALWAYS listen, and if it is an off day, it is just an off day.  I do not stubbornly try to push through and I certainly don’t lose any sleep over it.  I adapt my workout for the day and save the heavy lifting for another day.  

If I am following a particular template, and I have that off day, I would not necessarily automatically adjust my training.  There could be any of a number of reasons that could have contributed to feeling off such as diet, lack of sleep, stress, etc.  Tune those things in and stay the course.  

Now if your struggles in training consistently continue, the numbers on your cycle might be off, and then I would consider changing things up.  What you do not want to do is beat your head against a wall trying to hit numbers in a cycle that you are not ready for.  I have been there, and it is not only exceptionally frustrating, it is also quite counterproductive.  If I keep beating the dead horse with numbers I am not yet capable of, I will continue to have misses.  That is one thing you do not want to do.  Avoid having misses, always try to leave a little in the tank.  If you are consistently missing, you are practicing how to miss a lift and it will become a habit that you do not want to have.

Eric Todd, Strength athlete

Posted on January 22, 2018


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