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How do I know how much weight I should be lifting at the gym?

This is going to depend on your goal. Are you lifting for a specific sport such as football or soccer? Are you going for pure strength? Or in my case, are you lifting for aesthetics or a bodybuilding competition. Even in that case there isn’t a hard and fast rule. But as a rule of thumb, you want to try for around 10-15 reps for 3-4 sets. If you can easily finish 15 reps, especially on your last set, then that is a good indicator that you are able to increase your weight. You should be struggling on those last reps not breezing through them. Once you increase the weight, you may not be able to get all 10-15 reps right away, but keep pushing. This is also a great time to incorporate some intensity techniques (my favorite!). Complete as many reps as can, do a quick rest pause, where you set the weights down, count to five and then continue to do as many more reps as you can get, repeating until you get the desired number. You can also try a drop set, where you go to failure on the heavier weight and then immediately drop to a lower weight, going to failure again. You should quickly see both increases in strength and aesthetics! Good Luck!!!    

- Danyelle Mastarone, Fit Mom & Figure Competitor


Posted on July 16, 2017


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