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Let's Have a Good Week

Blog Article ImageEvery Monday morning with my trainer ends the same.  We evaluate the progress from the previous week and plan the next.  And he always says, “Let’s have a good week!”

At first I wanted to talk big picture, show day, what was coming next and the show after that.  But taking it one-week blocks off time for us to evaluate and make tweaks based on my actual progress.  It also provided me with short, attainable goals. 

Day 1 of contest prep seems an eternity away from the big day; and that can feel extremely overwhelming.  Also if you are given a 16 week plan on day 1 without constant reevaluation for your body’s reactions and progress you could be setting yourself up for major frustration.  There is no secret formula that works for everyone.  And the same plan that worked for someone once may not work so well the second time around, as your body continues to adapt and change.  Rather, a plan should be progressive, constantly changing with your body’s changes.   So take it one step at a time, “have a great week,” and you’ll be sure to hear the words, “let’s have ANOTHER great week!”   

Posted on June 20, 2013


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