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Leaving it all out there

Blog Article ImageAs I went into this contest, I knew I would leave with no regrets. I put it all out there. Training has been fantastic, diet perfect, and conditioning hadn’t been this good in years. Made weight with no problem, then fueled back up and felt fantastic. Unfortunately, the day didn’t go as planned.

1st event-Truck Push/Sled Drag - As I watched the other competitors, it became glaringly evident that there was a good side and a bad side. As I was walking down to secure my place in the good side, I noticed the guy that I was going against already standing there. So much for that,I decided to make the best out of the crappy lane. Truck push went great, ran back to get the sled. Apparently someone had put some lube on the bottom of my shoes, because they were slipping and sliding all over the place. Finally got it started, and took off. Then I hit the quicksand that was in the center of my lane. Between that and the lube, I was stuck. I was disappointed in this event, as it has been going great in training.

2nd-Circus Dumbell- Didn’t know what to expect as I had been doing this event first in training but with the help of my HMB and my conditioning my recovery was very good. I banged out 5 pretty quick, then locked out 6 in kind of a side press. Fought what seemed like an eternity to pull myself under it, but couldn’t. Almost locked out another but that side bend had taken it out of me. I ended up getting 5 reps, but should have been 7.

3rd event - Car Deadlift- Best event of the day - I pulled it once, and it was excruciating. I thought 1 might be it for the event. Somehow, I was able to grind out 11. To put that in perspective, the last time I did the event in a contest I managed 1 rep on a lighter pull. With the constant back trouble, this event was a success for me in my book. However, my back was cashed afterwards.

4th event- Wheelbarrow Medley - Training for this has gone well. Unfortunately, their wheelbarrow didn’t have knurled handles like ours does. So the pick felt great, the carry felt great, the loads felt great, but after the second to last keg was in it, I was maxed out on grip-never even considered the possibility that it would be a grip event! I dropped it like 3 times before getting to the last keg, but by that time I only had a couple seconds left.

5th event-Atlas Stones - Hit the first 2 easily (mind you our lightest stone was 313lb) had the 3rd to the lip but made a rookie mistake and got under it too soon. Had it to lip again, but had nothing left.

After the contest, I was talking to a couple other competitors, and they made reference to how long I have been doing this.  They said that in strongman years I must be like 100 years old.  I am going on ten years in the sport.  I have 80 competitions in (between strongman, highland games, powerlifting and all-round).  Fifty of those competitions are strongman.  There are times when I wonder how much longer I can keep it going, how much longer my body will hold out.  After this competition, I know I am not done yet.  There is still life in this old warrior, so I will be back.

I would just like the opportunity to thank MTI for their continued support of my career.  Between my Optimum Nutrition HMB and Juven, my strength, conditioning, and recovery was the best it has been in some time.  I would like to thank Optimum Nutrition and American Body Building.  Between their Platinum Hydrowhey to fuel my muscles throughout the day, and the N.O. Speed Stack to help get me fired up for workouts, I thank you.  And thank you to Dino Strength support gear.  It is the best value of support gear out there, and helps me keep my old joints supported and warm.  Thanks guys!

Posted on September 22, 2010


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