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Blog Article ImageMy training has started to pick up in intensity for the 2012 USAPL RAW Nationals in Killeen, Texas.  This meet is the qualifying meet for the 2013 IPF Classic (RAW) Worlds in Russia.  I have been fortunate to travel the world the past 16 years, but I have never been to Russia.  I would really like to compete in Russia before I am done, and this may be my only chance. I am focused more than ever in trying to achieve my goals.  The inaugural RAW Worlds are being contested this June in Stockholm, Sweden.  This event is loaded with a large number of lifters. I think IPF RAW lifting is only going to get bigger!

I have gone back to my staple workout training plan, but have added a few additional assistance lifts in order to rehab and gain some strength development in neglected areas.  My training has been bogged down with a tight hammy, hip, and glute the past couple years. This injury has progressively gotten worse.  I have added several different assistance lifts to combat this problem: hang squat cleans, one legged dumbbell deadlifts, and glute ham raises (GHR’s).

Squat cleans:  My father was a big proponent of power cleans when he was training for the NFL. He continued to train this movement heavy into his 60’s.  I followed his approach and trained this lift heavy and hard; pushing the limits to maximum failure.  I had a stubborn approach. Similar to the rest of my training; I trained to set PRs. Eventually I had to eliminate this lift during most of the training year due to over training and small injuries to the lower back.  I have crudely cleaned over 400 in the past and have squat cleaned in the mid 300’s.  My approach is different this time.  I am not trying to set PRs. My approach is to use this training exercise as a method to stretch out and warm up. I hate to admit this, but I started back with 110 lbs and have been completing 5 sets of 3 as part of my warm up.  I have added 5 kg a week and am now up to a whopping 155 lbs.  I have found that by keeping my training loads light this exercise has become very valuable in stretching out the tight glutes, and hips.  Something that was much needed.  Now…I need to listen to myself and continue to use this exercise just as a warm up.

One legged dumbbell deadlifts: This lift is much tougher then it looks.  I am still standing in front of something I can grab onto in case I start to fall over.  I have found this movement to be very helpful in stretching out the hips and glutes, and to train my balance.  For a big guy a couple sets of 10 at the end of a workout are about all I can take.

Glute Ham Raise (GHR):  In my 30+ years of training I had never tried a GHR until this January.  I could not even do 1 rep properly to start with.  I have progressed greatly and have come to the realization I have some real muscle imbalance and weakness to overcome in the hammy department. I am not trying to light the world on fire in this movement, but I am trying to accomplish training and rehab gain.
Progression in strength training is achieved by continuing to learn. I have gone back to one staple lift in cleans, but this time around I am being smart by squat cleaning light and not power cleaning heavy. When August comes around I have to squat, bench and deadlift…… not Olympic Clean for a max.  My advice for everyone is to continue to learn and let your training evolve over time.

Train smart, stay healthy, set your goals high, and don't forget to add GNC Pro Performance HMB to your supplement list! Good luck in meeting your strength and fitness goals!!!

Brad Gillingham

Posted on June 6, 2012


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