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Blog Article ImageI went away for a long weekend and was at a gym I obviously am not at on a regular occasion. This gym had a section upstairs labeled “Ladies’ Zone”. I was very curious to see why we “ladies” have a special section dedicated to us at this gym. I could already see numerous pieces of cardio equipment from the view downstairs and was rolling my eyes to myself.

I have already had endless conversations with females and female clients about lifting weights to change your physique. Cardio is excellent for your heart and lungs and to burn some fat, yet it does not reshape your body or keep you lean.

I seem to read similar articles about this topic quite often, yet so many women still have a difficult time believing it. I continue to see most women in the gym doing cardio and a very small amount lifting weights. I convince my clients by explaining my weight training and, of course, they see my physique is not “too big”.

When I entered the “Ladies’ Zone”, I saw many pieces of cardio equipment, one tree of dumbbells ranging from 5-25 lbs., and women’s machines. The instructional photos on the machines had an outline of a women’s body, yet themuscular anatomy photos had an outline of a man’s body.
After being completely fatigued from my back training, I sat down on the lat pulldown machine and pushed in the peg of the heaviest resistance. I was able to complete several reps and assumed it would not be sufficient weight if it was my first exercise. Also, the motion of the machine was not nearly as comfortable as the cable lat pulldown I used downstairs. I would not have been able to do bent over rows with no barbell or plates in the “Ladies’ Zone”, and there wasn’t enough weight for me to do one arm dumbbell rows.

To me, everything in the “Ladies’ Zone” said women aren’t suppose to have muscles and do mostly cardio. In turn, it translates into not being able to reshape your body with the strong emphasis on cardio and very little on free weights.

I understand that every woman out there is not looking to compete or have an athletic build, yet many are looking to lose fat and reshape their body. Both of these issues are achieved most successfully by lifting weights. I hope more and more women step out of the “Ladies’ Zone” and into the free weight area to meet their goals. Along with your training, supplementing with HMB will get you to your goals even faster!

Posted on June 7, 2011


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