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LA Grand Prix/Month #2

Blog Article ImageI just competed in my second show of 2012 and was so excited to get back on stage! My first show of the year was in March, which seems like such a long time ago. I was already feeling a good vibe going into this show, since I have competed in it twice as an amateur. I also have competed at this venue several times as a pro and feel most comfortable at this location.

I was in first call outs in the prejudging and then again in the second call outs. I figured I was placing either fifth or sixth. I was hoping for a fifth place finish, yet ended with a close sixth place.  Next month in San Diego I plan to move my spot into the top five. The show was my most enjoyable one to date given my own time on stage and watching my clients rock the stage as well.

In the second month of training for MMA, I started both sparring and fighter conditioning once a week along with my classes. I’m now adjusting to sparring, since I’ve been used to class. In class, we take turns with our combos and hit lightly. With sparring, I’m getting used to hitting and getting hit at the same time. After my last sparring session prior to my show I was left with a few bruises. Luckily, the ProTan covers everything!

I am the most excited about my new Jiu Jitsu training with the great Eddie Bravo. I’m extremely grateful to be training under him and his 10th planet system. There is a lot to learn and I am thrilled for my journey in becoming skilled in the sport. I am also forever grateful to Metabolic Technologies, Inc (developers of HMB) for all of their support and having the best recovery supplement out there. My daily speedy recovery from all of my MMA training is due to HMB. It allows me to come back the next day ready to train as a stronger and more conditioned athlete. It also keeps me lean for my time on stage. Watch out for me next month at the Pacific USA Pro Bikini in San Diego on Aug 18th. If you are in the area, come out to support me!

Posted on July 30, 2012


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