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King of the Mountain 4

Blog Article ImageLast weekend I competed in the 4th King of the Mountain Strongman Competition in Mt. Pleasant, MI. I had a great time at this contest, the events were challenging, the weather was perfect and the competition was fierce. At the end of the day I managed to place 2nd in the Super Heavyweight division out of 5 competitors, and am officially qualified for NAS Amateur Nationals. Here is how it went down:

Event #1: Keg Carry and Sled Drag
Originally the kegs were to be loaded into the sleds, but the asphalt parking lot was extremely sticky making the sleds (over 400lbs EMPTY) very difficult to move, so the kegs were placed on a mat and the sleds were loaded with extra weight plates for each weight class. I was the last to go and 44 seconds was the time to beat. The 230 and 250lb kegs were easy to move but I was a little slow due to a rib injury, but I was able to rip the 600lb sled off the line and tore through the 60 foot course in 38 seconds and putting me in first place!

Event #2: Farmers Carry with 2” diameter fat handles
The tanks weighed 280lbs a piece and the course was 50’ long. I had a good run going but the right tank slipped one foot from the finish.  By the time I re-picked them and crossed the line I lost the lead. I ended with a 2nd place finish here around 12 seconds.

Event #3: Log Press for reps clean once
JP’s logs are extremely nice, heavy duty and well built. This is the staple event at KOTM because it is a NAS record event with the heavyweight log being 240lbs. I tied my mark from last year with 9 reps. I need to practice pressing on my driveway more often. It gets a lot tougher when you’re looking at a big blue sky instead of a ceiling. I finished in 4th place here.

Event #4: The Intimidator Truck Deadlift
 This is a new piece of equipment. It was a giant frame that pivoted with a Dodge Ram Pick-up on it. The truck could be moved to change the weight in hand for the lifter and by the time it got to the Super Heavy weight class we were lifting over 700lbs. The first three competitors were not able to make a lift. Then Ron Shock came out with a monstrous 6 reps. I was up last, strapped in and made one tough rep, 6 + was definitely not happening so I took the 2nd place points for the one lift. It was definitely a cool apparatus.

Event #5: Super Yoke
The 855lb yoke had to be carried 50’. I made the run but had one drop and came in around 18 seconds for 3rd place.

Event #6: Atlas Stone Load
Stones were 260-350lbs and the platform heights descended from 56” to 48”.
Stone lifting has been frustrating this year due to a couple injuries and I am way behind where I want to be right now on this lift. I was going head to head with the overall leader since I was in second place. Knowing the event was going to be tough, I took the time to get a good grip on all the stones before putting them on the platform. I finished the 4th and had no chance of winning the event so I took a couple breaths and was able to easily load the last stone. My time was around 50 seconds here for 2nd place in the event and contest.

Posted on June 27, 2011


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