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King of the Mountain 3

Blog Article ImageLast Saturday morning was the King of the Mountain 3 strongman competition.  With over 40 competitors, it would be a tough contest the whole way through. I got up around 6 a.m., and the family and I packed up and headed to Mt. Pleasant. After getting signed in, I had some time to check out the equipment. All of JP’s gym equipment was top notch, including two new loadable sleds and new individual platforms for stone loading on the run.

The heavyweight class is the toughest it has been in the 4 years I’ve been involved in strongman here in Michigan, so I knew it would take a stellar performance to compete for the win.

Carry and Drag Medley
A 240lb atlas stone and keg had to be carried and loaded into a sled, and then the entire sled had to be dragged 60’. It was easy work loading, but I couldn’t get the sled moving fast enough to get a rhythm. I had to row it along, and I only made about half the course. I finished in 7th place here.

Log Press
The weight was 240lb and it had to be cleaned once and pressed for reps.  This is a NAS record breaking weight too! After multiple cleans, I was able to finish with 9 reps. I’ve always struggled to get the log positioned without re-cleaning it, and it showed here.  I knew this would be a tough event for me in the heavyweight class, so I was happy with 3rd place!

Yoke Carry Race
The yokes were loaded to an impressive 820lb and had to be carried 80’.  James Rude and Ron Shock had both put up times in the low teens, so I knew I would have to be perfect to compete with that. I haven’t gotten as much time under the yoke recently as I would like. Despite this, the weight felt comfortable, but I just didn’t have the speed. I finished with a solid 22-second time and another 3rd place.

Frame Carry
For the 4th event of the contest, we had to carry a frame over a 60’ distance. The frame weighed 620 lbs, which I’ve successfully trained with many times. However, today was a different story. The times from the other contestants were all very fast. I gave a 110 percent effort here, and as I was running toward the finish line with the frame, it jostled in my hands and I took a hard step. At this point, the frame ripped out of my hands and crashed to the ground. I felt blood and looked down to see that most of the skin on my hands was gone. I went to a pinch grip just so I could finish the last 5’, and then I went straight to the on-site ambulance to get some gauze pads, tape, and a quick hand cleaning. I placed 6th here.

Atlas Stone Load
JP’s new Atlas Stone platforms are awesome. They are set up similarly to the ones in World’s Strongest Man. Anyway, I no longer had a chance to win, and with my hands torn up so badly, as well as being excessively taped, I chose to go with a conservative effort on the stones. I took my time and was able to easily load all 5 in around 40 seconds. The stones weighed 260-350 lbs and the platform heights descended from 56” to 48”. This was good for another 3rd place.

Overall, I ended up 4th out of 8 in the heavyweight class. The competition as a whole was fantastic. Congrats to Dave Liepman, Shawn Allen, Jake Webb, and James Rude for victories in their respective weight classes.  I’m already looking forward to this contest again next year!

My next contest will be the 105Kg America’s Strongest Man on September 17th and 18th in Detroit, Mi. With HMB on my side, I’m looking to once again be America’s Strongest in the 105Kg weight class. So stay tuned for training updates and some video footage from King of the Mountain 3.

Posted on June 15, 2010


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