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KCSTRONGMAN Winter Challenge

Blog Article ImageFebruary has been an interesting month with more snow, missed school, and lots of shoveling.  However, I haven't missed a workout because of it.  Training is going great.  I have been doing the 5-3-1 program since the new year, and am seeing great gains off of it so far.

This Saturday past, we held the annual "KCSTRONGMAN Winter Challenge" at my home.  It is truly a grassroots event.  This year for the first time, it was held in my barn instead of the basement.  The format was similar to years past, with a bit of a twist.  None of the events were announced before the meet. However, 2 were predetermined, and 2 were drawn.  The events ended up being a max log press, a 3 keg medley, a husefelt stone carry, and a max stone load.  The meet was fun.  It was great to see some old friends, and we had several new guys come out to their first meet as well. 

I have picked my cardio back up in my training here recently.  It’s time to get back into shape.  I added running to my regiment, which I have not done in some time.  While a bit painful at first, with the help of the cardio benefit of HMB as well as the aid in recovery, my body soon adapted, and it is going very well.

I am looking forward to spreading the word of the benefits of HMB to anybody who is interested at the Arnold, coming up here in a little over a week.  It is always fun to get to hang out and talk to everybody at the booth.  There are always some amazing things going on at the Arnold, as well.  I am looking forward to seeing big things from Team HMB members who are competing there.  So, see you in a week and a half!

Posted on February 23, 2011


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