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KCSTRONGMAN Challenge and Banquet

Blog Article ImageThis past month has been a great month for strongman for me.  First of all, we have our annual KCSTRONGMAN Challenge and Banquet.  The KCSTRONGMAN Challenge was moved to the Belton Hanger this year due to the adverse road conditions, where the competitors competed in sub zero weather.  The format was different this year as well, as all the events were drawn out of a hat, so no one (including myself) had any idea what they should be training for.  This kind of meet is what strongman is all about in my book. 

The Banquet was a blast as usual.  We started this a few years ago, as the KCSTRONGMAN group grew and became more successful.  We ate a great meal, gave out awards to deserving individuals, and had a great time talking shop and telling lies.

Training has been going fantastic for me.  In the past couple weeks I have hit post back injury PRs in the pushpress at 360 and the axle press at 330, as well as an all time PR in the front squat at 430.  Even though it has been pretty cold, I have had some great gym sessions, and we have had some great strongman sessions on the weekend.  Intensity has been high, and I only see training improving as the weather gets warmer.

I am currently trying to decide what direction I want to take competing this year. I am looking forward to attending the Arnold Classic and promoting HMB.  My recovery has never been better.  This weekend past we did a sled drag medley where 4 of us took turns dragging the sled back and forth.  It was great conditioning and quite a challenge.  I ended up going 15 turns.  My legs were on fire, and I could hardly stand after the workout.  Before starting my regiment of HMB, my legs would have been shot for days after that kind of workout.  However, this time, the next day there was merely a hint of soreness and 2 days after, no trace at all.  I am ready to get back after it for another week of training!  Thanks HMB!


Posted on January 27, 2010


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