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Jackie Haas - Update and Interview

As many of you know, fitness model Jackie Haas recently signed with Metabolic Technologies, Inc., to promote HMB. We want to congratulate Jackie and Charlie Haas on the recent birth of their second baby girl. We recently interviewed Jackie to learn more about her life, motherhood and the birth of her second child, her fitness accomplishments and goals and why she wants to promote HMB.


Check out the new blog section of our website for Jackie’s updates!


Jackie has been active all her life. She played various sports as a child and was a collegiate athlete at the University of Toledo in cross-country and track and field. Jackie eventually wound up with a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and later moved to Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling.


Now, Jackie is moving from the world of wrestling to the world of fitness. She has launched her own website and also writes for various fitness-related magazines, including being a columnist for Fitness RX for Women. Jackie is also a fitness model and certified personal trainer.


First off, CONGRATULATIONS on the new member of your family!  We at MTI are so happy for you and Charlie!


Thank you for taking the time for this interview.  Let’s jump in… How big of a role has fitness played in your life over the years?
 Fitness has been my life for as long as I can remember, more specifically running. I have been a runner ever since the fourth grade and do not ever see an end in sight for pounding out the miles!


How did you get involved in professional wrestling?
 Even though it took determination and motivation, the world of wrestling came to me in a more unconventional way than it did others—through a contest. I was the co-winner of a reality series, “MTV’s Tough Enough 2.” Being busy at the University of Toledo, studying broadcast/journalism as well as competing at a collegiate level in cross-country and track and field, I decided to take the road less traveled and go out on a whim and try out for the show. I always thought that the women of that day and age of wrestling were someone to look up to athletically and came to find out it was so much more.


What was your professional wrestling experience like?
 Professional wrestling is a world that really cannot be described and is hard to explain. It has to be experienced. However, to put it best in words, it can be summed up as incredible. Each and every day brings not only a new city and venue but another continent. Teaching and training your body to get beat up day after day, while loving it, is a true art. Once wrestling gets into one’s blood, it’s there for life. Still to this day, when I go to an event, I get goose bumps. It’s an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. And, for me, it was a whirlwind even though I did it for nearly five years.


Why did you decide to make the move from professional wrestling to fitness?
 Transitioning from wrestling into fitness was an easy decision, although not so easy of a move. The two are similar since you need an aspect of fitness in your life to be involved with wrestling. The world of wrestling came very unexpectedly to me, but it’s something I would never take back. The fitness world has always been of interest to me. Seeing that my lifestyle right now is not that fitting for the “squared circle,” it is fitting for the fitness industry. I have a lot of opportunities to concentrate on within the world of fitness that cater to my number one job—motherhood.


You just launched your own website— What do you hope to accomplish with this website?
 I want to be an informative website on anything from training to motherhood tidbits and tips. I hope the website will be a roadway for communication between wrestling fans who still want to know what I am up to and a new phase in my life. Having a way to voice and share what I am involved in next and to be available for all questions and comments is a way for me to really have a sense of personal accomplishment. Writing is such a love of mine so having a personal website to express myself is very important to me.


What’s a typical day in your life like?
 It’s all about balance. I have to get my runs in—that’s a must—but it’s about finding the time that’s right for my mind and body to do it. Motherhood is my first and foremost priority so a jogging stroller is usually a huge part of my daily requirements. My husband and I just opened a nutrition and smoothie shop so a big part of my days are spent working with this new endeavor.  Check it out at WWW.CUSTOM-MUSCLE.COM. Since Charlie travels with the WWE full-time, making the most of the time we do have together is of big importance. Also, just making sure things around the house are always taken care of takes up a huge chunk of the day. Whoever says being a “full-time mom” is not a job is horribly mistaken. Just keeping up with the kids is a workout.  I take pride in having my house be a home so I enjoy spending time working on our home and making sure my daughters are entertained and educated. Among all of that, my writing and blogging is done on a daily basis.


With the recent birth of your second little girl, what are your plans now after your pregnancy? What are your training and fitness goals and how do you think HMB will help you get there?
 After this second time around with pregnancy, I hope to accomplish a level of running and training that I have not done in quite some time. Teaming up with Team HMB is going to help me do just that.  I will continue to write for fitness publications, such as Fitness RX for Women, as well as model in the fitness and commercial industries. I also will be involved in numerous promotions through MTI for Team HMB. Also, being “hands on” with Custom Muscle—our nutrition store in Frisco, Texas—will play a big role in what’s to come next.


Why did you decide to join Team HMB?
 Deciding to join Team HMB was a no-brainer. Being involved with such a reputable product and team of people is an honor for me. I couldn’t be any more excited for all that’s to come from the effects of training at the next level with HMB.


Thanks again for your time today Jackie, and congratulations!  Again, check out Jackie's new blog section of our website for updates!


Posted on September 24, 2008


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