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IS THAT YOUR CARDIO? | Danyelle Mastarone

“Does that count as your cardio? Shouldn’t you be doing the stairs?“

These are questions raised as I mentioned I was going to take Dante for a power walk in the stroller for some cardio. My answer of course was yes to both questions above. Yes, this was going to “count” as my cardio and yes the stairs would be more “ideal.”

Being a “Fit Mom” isn’t easy. Let’s be honest, being fit in general isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work, dedication, motivation and very careful planning. Then contest prep takes it to a whole new level.  I will be the first to admit that I was previously guilty of tunnel vision during contest prep. I was so focused on my schedule, the rest of my life was always playing second fiddle. This time around, I am not only too busy for that, I have my priorities a little more straightened out. I train during the specific time I have allotted and then go on with the rest of my day. I still eat my scheduled meals and drink my water, but I don’t obsess all day long and I certainly don’t waste the precious gym time I do have. 

There is never enough time for enough cardio! And the four stair mills at my gym are in high demand.  Some days I am too tired from being up all night with a crying baby to get up at 6am and do fasted cardio. Some days my baby doesn’t want to play in the gym daycare and I have to go comfort him, cutting my workout short. And some days I just don’t want to be stuck inside. So yes, I have taken full advantage of a sunny day, grabbed a water bottle for me and a sippy cup and cheerios for Dante and taken to the streets for some quality cardio! Plus, anyone who asks if that is all I’m doing has never pushed a stroller up a hill!

Whether it’s a dance party in the kitchen, jumping through leaves in the back yard or a power stroller walk, get your heart pumping with your family and the results will sure to improve your physique and your spirits! In addition to a balanced nutrition plan, I keep myself going back for more stroller pushing by supplementing with PEAK ATP first thing in the morning and HMB three times per day (once with breakfast, once post-workout and again before bed). The combination of these supplements significantly reduces soreness, because babies don’t take days off!

Posted on January 20, 2016


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