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Is Boxing for You? | Mike Kurzeja

"How do you know if boxing would be a good sport for you?"

Boxing is definitely NOT for everyone. A great fighter once said (Mike Tyson), “Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face”. This is so true!  I have seen great skilled athletes thrive with boxing technique and natural ability. Many of these athletes are terrible boxers or fighters because they can’t take a punch or don’t want to take a punch. It takes a special breed to possess both the physical skills and the mental toughness to want to fight, and fight well. The only real way to know is to start training and give it a try. Once you work your way up to sparring, you will know if boxing is the right sport for you.

If you don’t enjoy the sparring part of boxing, it is okay.  Remember I said it is not for everyone.  You can still do boxing workouts and enjoy these without getting hit. I call this “recreational boxing” or cardio boxing. Cardio boxing is great for a core workout, while burning numerous cardio calories.  Give it a try!

Mike "Kujo" Kurzeja, Pro Boxer

Posted on February 26, 2018


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