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Blog Article ImageWell I am definitely pleased about how I ended the 2013 competition season for my IFBB shows. I very much look forward to 2014! I mentioned in my last blog that I just started being able to lift heavy shortly before I started my prep for this last show. My starting point was not where I usually am in the off-season, which means that next year is going to be even better!

After over a year, I finally feel balanced with my training between the 2 sports, all injuries healed and 100% focused. In late 2012 and over half of 2013, I gave my best but wasn’t at my best. As with anyone, there are times like these and I just keep showing up and giving as much as I can. I’ve debated in past about competing at times like these. There were times when I couldn’t train at all, but most of it was being able to train yet only 50-75%I knew I wasn’t at my best on stage which bothered me, yet I also feel like showing up and using them as practice is also useful which is the option I choose. This past show was my best performance of the year and I was very pleased.

The prep was smooth sailing and I felt great the entire time. I was making sure I stayed balanced and consistently meditating. Having my new coaches of Team Edge gave me the support I needed to ensure my prep was smooth. My suit, hair, make up, posing, and physique were all improved from my previous shows this year. Words can’t describe how excited I am for the 2014 season. I am going to come in more conditioned and keep fine-tuning my posing.

For now I’m gearing up for my next jiu jitsu tournament on Dec. 15th. Besides the classes with Eddie Bravo, I’m learning even more by taking private lessons with Jared Carlsten, 10th Planet black belt/pro MMA fighter. With both of their expertise, I’m thrilled to be training under both of them. With the support of my coaches and HMB, both supplement and team, I plan to end the 2013 season strong and have an even better one in 2014!

Stay tuned and happy training!

Posted on November 27, 2013


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