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IPF World Open Men's Championships Results

Blog Article ImageWe would like to congratulate Team HMB athlete Nick Weite on his amazing performance this weekend at the IPF World Open Men’s Championships.  Nick finished the day with a squat of 395 kg (871 lbs.), a bench press of 265 kg (584 lbs.) and pulled 365 kg (816 lbs.) on his deadlift.   He finished with a total of 1,025 kg (2,260 lbs.) placing him 7th overall and taking the silver in the deadlift.  We are very proud of Nick and are glad that HMB has been able to aid him in his training.

Men’s Open 120 kg Class Overall:
            1.  Ivaylo Hristov, BUL
            2. Oleksiy Rokochiy, UKR
            3. Oleksiy Bychkov, UKR
            4. Dean Bowring, GBR
            5. Daniel Grabowski, POL
            6. Nurian Yeshmakhanov, KAZ
            7. Nick Weite, USA
            8. Jorgen Hansen, NOR
            9. John Macdonald, CAN
            10. Peter Ovsonka, SVK

Men’s Open 120 kg Class Deadlift:
            1. Oleksiy Bychkov, UKR (365 kg)
            2. Nick Weite, USA (365 kg)
            3. Andreas Hjelmtveit, NOR (360 kg)

To view the full score sheet please click here.

Posted on November 10, 2014


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