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IPF Open Worlds | Priscilla Ribic

What a wild ride!  I ended a busy 2015 competition season with IPF Open Worlds, held in Hamm, Luxembourg just over a week ago.

IPF Open Worlds is the premier competition of the year, with it now being in its 45th year for men and 36th year for women.   The sheer history of this competition and level that the bar has been raised over all these years is amazing.

I competed with some of the best ladies in the 72 kg class (under 158 lbs.).  Returning former World Champions Yulia Medvedeva and Ana Rosa Castellain were back along with Junior World Champion Marte Elverum.   With that, it became a crazy battle for a podium finish with it all coming down to the very last deadlifts!

Here’s a rundown of the day..
I opened my squat with 217.5 kg (478 lbs.) and got the dreaded call “not deep enough”!  Then bumped up 2.5 kgs to 220 kg (485 lbs.) and satisfied the judges.  My third attempt was 230 kg (507 lbs.), but again, failed (knowingly) to hit depth.  My 220 kg squat was on the books, and good enough for a Bronze individual squat medal. 

On the bench press I went 3 for 3 on my attempts and walked away with 155 kg (341 lbs.) bench.

Going into the deadlifts, I was opening with the highest deadlift of the meet, 222.5 kg (490 lbs.).  It should have been an easy pull, but lost it at the top and didn’t hold long enough for the down command, which resulted with red lights! I think that gave the coaching staff a bloody nose.  I did a repeat for my 2nd attempt and was successful. Now was the waiting game…  

I go into every meet with the goal of taking ANY of the podium finishes.  Everyone wants to be #1, but the reality is you are competing against the best in the world and it is any given Sunday on who will take the Gold.  With that said, I felt frustrated with myself on my mistakes on the squats, it left me in a major deficit going into the deadlift and missing my opening deadlift added to that.  I was 25 kgs (55 lbs,) behind first place going into my last deadlift.  Thankfully, I had already secured a podium finish by virtue of my competition missing their third attempt deadlifts.  Going for broke, I pulled 247.5 kg (545 lbs.) deadlift for my final.

Gold for Team USA!
220 kg/485 lb Squat (Bronze Medal)
155 kg/341 lb Bench Press
247.5 kg/545 lb Deadlift (Gold)
622.5 kg/1372 lb Total (Gold!)

A reflection of my 2015 competition year:

  • April  - IPF Master Bench Worlds (Aurora, CO) – Gold
  • May – USAPL Women’s/Women’s Nationals (San Antonio, TX) – Gold
  • June – IPF Master Classic Worlds (Salo, Finland)  – Gold 
  • October – IPF Master Worlds (Aurora, CO) – Gold
  • October – USAPL Raw Nationals Masters (Scranton, PA) – Gold
  • November – IPF Open Worlds (Hamm, Luxembourg)  - Gold

Thanks to HMB for fueling this body through a year of success!

My next blog will be a reflection on the how to keep strong, healthy and motivated through a year of heavy competition.

- Priscilla Ribic


Posted on November 30, 2015


Congratulations Champ on a Great Year!!!

Posted By Brad Gillingham on 12/02/2015

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