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Blog Article ImageI had an awesome weekend at my last show, yet it was a little sad to know that I won’t be competing again until 2012. The hotel and venue were both amazing and the promoters were very accommodating to all of the athletes.

I was very excited to do the photo shoot for Metabolic Technologies (developers of the ingredient HMB) on Friday and then get on stage on Saturday. I shot with both bikini and fitness outfits and was glad to put my gymnastics skills to use with plenty of action shots. It was also fun to be silly and do some bodybuilding poses for the camera. I’m a bodybuilder at heart and can’t get enough of the biceps pose!

In addition to the photo shoot, there was video footage of my pre game prep and also an interview. I was reminded of how grateful I am to be sponsored by Metabolic Technologies. With the wonderful people of the company and the tremendous results of their supplement, I couldn’t be more pleased to represent them.

I rocked the stage both morning and evening for the 6th time this year. It is a pleasure each time to display my physique to an audience. For the next few months I will be gearing up for next season along with working on my other fitness endeavors.  I will be on the hunt for a new suit being that my blue suit has had its full use and will be retiring for 2011. I look forward to some changes for next season in all areas.

One of those changes will be in my training. In recent months I have been training with a weight training and plyometrics mix in the same workout which was a change for me. I feel as though it has not been benefitting my physique as much as when I kept them separately as the overall volume is higher than ideal according to the rest of my regimen. I am looking to add more size to my hamstrings while keeping my leanness. I believe the weights and plyometrics separately will allow for optimal growth and leanness.

I also plan to increase my HMB supplementation to 3 times a day of 1g capsules on my weight training days. I need a little over 2g for my bodyweight, so originally took 2g on solely cardio or rest days and 3g on weight training days. For a while I switched to 2g on all days as I thought I may be over supplementing. I began noticing that I had better recovery with the 3g a day with the weights and switched back a.s.a.p. Although there are no shows for a few months, there is no slowing down in terms of training. I believe in consistent, intense weight training year round and adequate HMB for recovery which keeps me healthy and happy!

Posted on November 17, 2011


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