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Introducing Team HMB

MTI BioTech is introducing a new feature on its website—Team HMB.

Team HMB features professional athletes from various athletic fields who use HMB to improve their physical performance.

Individuals from power lifters to triathletes routinely see the benefits of using HMB as part of their training regimen. These athletes are able to increase muscle mass and strength faster than by training alone. They are also able to improve their endurance and recover from hard workouts more quickly.

Many of the athletes featured on Team HMB say that using HMB is an important part of their training because of the positive effect the supplement has on their performance during training sessions and in competitions.
Feel free to take a look at the bios for Team HMB members. Each bio has a list of the athletes’ accomplishments and tells, in their own words, how HMB helps them reach their goals.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll interview the members of Team HMB. We’ll see what’s going on with them and look at how HMB helps them improve their performance and get an edge on the competition.

Be sure to check back often for new interviews with different Team HMB athletes. You can look forward to an interview with Strongman competitor Eric Todd next week.


Posted on June 13, 2008


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