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Introducing New Team HMB athlete Tim Nassen

Metabolic Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce that Tim Nassen has officially joined Team HMB!

Tim Nassen has been involved in strength training at various levels for the past 41 years.  His strongman career began rather late at the age of 41, but he didn’t let that hinder his performance in competitions.  After 10 years of competing in strongman injuries had taken their toll and after a bicep tendon tear and hernia surgery he hung up his strongman belt. 

His competitive nature lingered though and he knew he needed another sport to train for so he decided to give bodybuilding a try.  He stepped on stage for the first time a couple weeks ago and won the NPC Mr. Missouri title.  After the whole process Tim had found a new appreciation for the sport of bodybuilding. 

To learn more about Tim please check out his athlete profile.

Tim has utilized HMB to supplement his training for years so we are very excited to have him as a part of Team HMB!  Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Tim to be available here shortly. 

Posted on August 6, 2015


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