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Introducing Carissa Joy Monroe!

Blog Article ImageMetabolic Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that WBFF Pro and fitness model Carissa Joy Monroe is officially a part of Team HMB!

Carissa Joy is a fitness enthusiast that has had to overcome many challenges in her life to be where she is today.  In 2011 she earned her pro card on stage and a month later was in a horrific accident where she was hit on her moped by an SUV.  This near death experience left her questioning whether she would ever be able to walk again.  She had sustained bilateral tibia, fibula, and compound ankle fractures.  Once her bones were fused back together she was bound and determined to get back on stage to compete and in 2012 she stepped on stage at the WBFF World Championships!  She says, “Each day is a gift, and after being handicapped and unable to use my legs, I am more thankful for everything in life. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to still be a part of the fitness world I love and desire to inspire others to never give up, to get fit, to not take anything for granted (health, life) and to love life.”

Check out Carissa Joy’s new Team HMB profile to find out more about her accomplishments.  Also check back here soon for an in-depth interview with Carissa Joy.

We welcome Carissa Joy to Team HMB and are proud to have her on our team!

Posted on March 7, 2014


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