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Blog Article ImageI just competed last month and I am getting ready to compete again in a few weeks at home in CA. I feel like I just stepped off stage and very ready to step back on again.This show will be the fifth one for me this year.

I get just as excited as my first time on stage with less of the nervousness. Therefore, it gets to be a better experience each time! My attitude for training now is the same as it was in gymnastics as a teenager which is sheer excitement to show off all of my hard work.

I sometimes hesitate to use the words “hard work”, since I associate it with something that may be negative and/or unfulfilling. My training is very intense, yet I have so much love for it that it seems to be effortless. There are times I may be feeling tired or stressed which has an impact on my training, yet I am always excited and grateful with the time I spend doing it. That motivation and love for training inspires me throughout the year to compete. For me, it is a time to display my physique just as an artist would display their own sculpture.

I am very blessed to have clients who inspire me in many different ways for my own goals. Recently, I have been coaching a client, Maggie, who has an overwhelming excitement to improve her physique and step on stage. She expresses her love for training and contest prep every time we meet. I feel so grateful to hear someone else express my thoughts and level of excitement back to me. Our shows are at the same venue on the same day, so I have the honor of competing the day of her first show.  She is an inspiration to me as I prepare for my time on stage and her positive energy will be an overflow of inspiration on show day.

With all of this extra inspiration, I have had extra intense training. I have been heavily relying on HMB for recovery and to further sculpt my physique. Come out and support the Titans Grand Prix show in Culver City, CA on Oct. 22nd!

Posted on September 29, 2011


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