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In the Home Stretch

Blog Article ImageMy next show is right around the corner and this prep has been the smoothest and most on target than any other. Every workout, meal, and posing session has been accounted for in the past 12 week prep. Often times “life happens”, whether it be an emergency, injury, sickness, etc., that can get in the way of the disciplined and tedious schedule leading up to a show. One missed workout may not make or break any competitor, or me but mentally it is more motivating to know that I was 100% on schedule.

I’m currently in the home stretch of prep as it gets even busier with the training and food prep. I’m less than 2 weeks out and cannot wait until show day! I’m already looking leaner and know that I will have an improved physique from last show. I was excited to see some definition in my hamstrings when I was posing given it’s the place I hold more water.

I have still been keeping up with my jiu jitsu classes, yet I have recently stopped rolling. When my nutrition plan changed the first time I kept my training at 3 rolls per class. This last change in diet has my carbs cut some more, so rolling would have me weaker than usual. In this case I feel more injury prone and just constantly defending. My strength is lower and I don’t get the usual learning that I would otherwise when I can try new moves.

I met with Ingrid this past weekend to polish up my posing and will meet with both coaches, Joe and Ingrid, this coming weekend. They are holding a boot camp for the team which is perfect timing for me. I will get in some more posing practice and in front of an audience to get me prepared for stage.

Coincidentally, several of my 10th Planet teammates will also be in Vegas for a jiu jitsu tournament that is held the same day as my show. I’m excited about the entire weekend and all of the competitive energy.

During the home stretch of my prep, I’m very glad to have BetaTOR and HMB to help me with the much-needed recovery. I will continue to lean out for the remaining week and a half and I am looking to improve my ham-glute tie in for show day. Stay tuned for results from the Patriot’s Challenge in Vegas on July 5th!

Happy training!

Posted on June 26, 2014


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