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Improving Mobility in Training | Brad Gillingham

Growing up with a father that played with the Green Bay Packers in the first two Super Bowls makes watching the Super Bowl a big annual event in the Gillingham households.  Unfortunately, this year Green Bay fell a game short with the loss to Atlanta in the NFC Championship game.  With the disappointment of Green Bay missing out I wasn’t as excited this year about watching the big game, but I’m happy that I did not miss it.  Fans of the sport watched the first overtime game in the fifty-one year Super Bowl history, and the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.  Tom Brady and the Patriots comeback victory over the Falcons will be one game to remember for a long time.

Currently, in my training I have switched my mobility up a little this past month by concentrating on some light hang snatches and hang cleans as part of my warm up.  My training weights are nothing to brag about.  In fact the weights I use for the hang snatch is slightly embarrassing. In all honesty, 35 years of training heavy and an aging body make these lifts difficult. Nonetheless I find both of these lifts are fun to train, and they greatly help with my mobility. In addition, I incorporate these lifts into my training programs for many other athletes so I feel it is important that I am able to perform these lifts.  My biggest problem in the hang clean is upper body mobility when it comes to racking the weight.  This comes from too many years of heavy benching and upper bodywork without working on mobility. Likewise, shoulder mobility is also my limiting factor in the hang snatch.

In my training I have been an advocate of kettlebell swings for many years.  I have typically utilized them as a warmup prior to squatting and deadlifting and on occasion going heavy for some additional posterior chain work.  During my heavy training sessions the past several years I thought I was swinging a heavy one with my 105 lb. (48 kg) Russian kettlebell.  Recently I have discovered how wimpy I am with these monster kettlebells now available up to 203 lbs.  I am not sure if I am still young enough to ever be ready for 203 lb. kettlebell swings, but acquiring a 150 lb. bell may peek my interest.  Might be our next purchase for Jackals Gym. I may need to get a little stronger first!

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Stay Strong!

Brad Gillingham, CSCS

Posted on February 22, 2017


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