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Improved grip strength and function seen with HMB use

By giving middle-aged and older rats HMB for 16 weeks, researchers determined the effect of HMB on strength and sensorimotor function.  After 16 weeks of HMB supplementation at 0.46 g/kg/d (which is comparable to a 6 g/d dosage in humans because rats have a much higher metabolic rate than humans), the HMB group showed either improved strength or maintained strength, while the control group showed a decline in strength.  Overall, both the placebo group and the HMB group saw a decrease in sensorimotor function from 44 to 102 weeks, but HMB supplementation did show an 11 percent increase in sensorimotor function during the time period from 44 to 60 weeks of age.  This study, which used rats as a model for older humans, showed that HMB supplementation helps improve or maintain strength and sensorimotor function.

For more information about how HMB can help improve strength and sensorimotor function, read the abstract at{24A58842-A6E4-47C5-889B-B8D603BBBA25}.


Posted on July 13, 2010


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