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IFBB North Americans

Blog Article ImageI recently competed at the IFBB North Americans in Pittsburgh, PA.  I had such a good time working booths and competing!

I wound up finishing 17th out of about 30 girls who were all extremely dialed in a top notch.  I brought my absolute best conditioning and package on stage to date that it’s pretty hard to be discouraged by a placing.  I finally achieved the body I have wanted and for once I don’t want judges feedback or any advice because this is the body I plan on keeping.  I don’t have a desire to add any more muscle to my frame than I have now. I would however, like to continue to shape my legs further and add depth to my back. I do not want to add additional muscle to my legs, it’s time to chisel them into the shape I want them.

I do not have any plans for bulking, including a lean bulk, because again, my goals and priorities have changed from adding muscle to maintaining my figure.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be working hard in the gym; I’m just changing my routine. I plan on lifting only 3-4 days a week and conditioning 3.

I’ve already been asked when my next show is and what my plans are. I currently don’t have any shows in mind but will let everyone know when I choose to prepare for another one. As an athlete, you always want to grow and improve yourself over time and your body is a constant work of art; never finished. I will be sure to update everyone on my plans and share some of my conditioning workouts. I plan on hitting the track and bleachers for some heavy workouts soon!

Lastly, HMB will continue to be a staple in my plan as I will be shifting some of my efforts to endurance type of workouts and will need the recovery properties it has so my body can take on a whole new level of fit!   Thank you for following my journey back to the stage!

Posted on September 2, 2014


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