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Holiday Training and HMB

Blog Article ImageThe holiday season is here and I’m more excited than I’ve been in years! I’m excited not only for the visit with family and friends, but the training as well. It is a cheery time of year which puts an extra spring in my step when I hit the gym. I probably do my most intense training during the holidays especially when I’m listening to all of my favorite Christmas songs! I also allow for some leeway with my nutrition. Since I keep a balance and don’t throw all of the healthy choices out the window, I still stay on top of my game.

The soreness in my muscles from this training ironically (or not), puts a smile on my face when I have trouble walking up and downs stairs. With the combination of my motivation and HMB, there is a perfect mix to continually reshape my body. Lately, more people than usual have been asking me about the results of taking HMB. Many people say I must talk so highly about it because I’m sponsored by them. The reality is that I’m sponsored by them because I spoke so highly about HMB.

As with any supplement, I first researched information about HMB, so I know what I’m going to put in my body. As a former biology teacher, I clearly understood the scientific information that would account for HMB helping my muscles recover quicker. This recovery allows for more intense training resulting in a leaner, more shapely physique. It’s not as if HMB is some magic pill like many ask. There is no magic pill out there. It’s called a supplement because that is exactly what it is doing—supplementing your nutrition to aid a better and faster recovery.

Even though all of the science made perfect sense, I was curious about how much of a difference I would see and feel. After about 3-4 weeks of taking HMB, I knew I felt a major difference in my training and thought I was looking leaner. When I’m seeing myself every day and the changes are gradual over a month’s time, then I was questioning how noticeable the results were. Then I started hearing comments from fellow gym members. I kept getting questioned if I was doing something different with my nutrition because they all said I was looking leaner. There was my proof. The only factor I had changed in my regimen during that month was taking HMB.
Whatever type of training you do or combination of training, HMB is there to aid in recovery and I say that with the utmost confidence! Happy holiday and happy training! See you next year!

Posted on December 20, 2011


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