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Holding Pattern

Blog Article ImageLife has been great but busy since winning 105KG America's Strongest Man.
With the usual time crunch in full force, and no confirmation of a 105KG World Championship being scheduled, my training has been in a maintenance mode for the last 6 weeks. I'm patiently waiting and hoping for a phone call to confirm a 105KG World Championship, and if I get it, I WILL be ready to go after a win this year. Situations like this are why it is so important to be mentally prepared for anything, in addition to physical preparation. I always try to be ready to compete on short notice, and I would do the contest today with zero notice if it were required! With that being said, I currently am training 2-3 days a week for 2-4 hours per session. My next confirmed contest is the Arnold Classic Amateur Strongman World Championship. I expect a heavy contest against a truly world class field. Although it is still 4 months away, I am looking forward to the challenge already. I plan to increase my training intensity in January and have a solid 8 weeks of contest specific preparation. My goal here will be to make it into the finals of the competition. With a good training plan, nutrition plan, and focus, this is a reachable goal.

I recently got to try some of the new Optimum Nutrition (ON) protein bars and American Body Building (ABB) shakes. I must say I am a huge fan of the ON Wholly Oats bars and the ABB Pure Pro drinks.  They are very convenient for early mornings and taste great. Anyone who needs a quick meal from time to time should definitely have some of these products available. My supplements of late have consisted of ON HMB, Wholly Oats bars, and  Gold Standard. I am very active during the day in addition to my training and these products keep me energized.

Posted on October 29, 2010


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