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HMB reduces fat mass with resistance training program

Researchers aimed to determine the effects HMB use has on the elderly.  The study was designed to see if HMB could improve body composition in elderly female rats during an intense 10-week resistance training program.  One group of elderly rats was given 0.46 g/kg/d, which is similar to a 6 g dosage in humans because rats have a much higher metabolic rate.  The other group of elderly rats was given a control.  Both groups participated in resistance training (ladder climbing with weights attached to the tail) every three days for 10 weeks.  Results showed that HMB significantly reduced fat mass in the aging rats.  Additional studies are needed to understand how HMB works to reduce fat mass. This study used rats as a model for elderly humans, showing that fat mass reductions were seen with HMB supplementation and resistance training.

For additional information regarding this study and how HMB affects body composition, read the abstract at{24A58842-A6E4-47C5-889B-B8D603BBBA25}


Posted on November 4, 2014


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