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HMB effect on myofiber dimension and myogenic response in female rats

Recent research looked at the effects that HMB taken along with exercise had on lean body mass and myofiber dimensions of aged female rats, 19 months old.  The rats were split into three groups, non-exercise control, exercise and HMB-supplemented group at 0.46 g/kg/d, and non-HMB exercise group.  The exercise and HMB group as well as the non-HMB exercise group engaged in resistance training every 3 days for 10 weeks.  Results showed that lean body mass improved in both the HMB and non-HMB groups with high intensity exercise, and also increased the myofiber cross-sectional area and myogenic response.   These increases seen in older rats may be attributed to HMB and high intensity training.

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Posted on June 16, 2010


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