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Hitting New PR's...

Blog Article ImageThis past month has been very rewarding in the way of training and competing.  After 3 years of only being able to hit "post injury PR's" in the deadlift (I badly herniated a couple disks several years ago), I finally hit an all time PR a couple weeks ago, with some left in the tank!  Training has felt great, recovery is better than ever with the aid of HMB.  I competed in the Kirksville Highland Games this past weekend and had my best outing ever in Highland Games.  I actually had a 5' PR in the sheaf!  This is an event that has traditionally been very bad for me, and I won it!  Ended up 2nd overall by 2 points, but it was the most consistent day I have ever had in the Scottish Games. 

I have a powerlifting meet coming up in November, then I will be amping up for another season of Strongman with the help of HMB!

Posted on October 17, 2009


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