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Highlander Training

Blog Article ImageWith the new fall season comes a new challenge. I will be competing in my first highlander contest in October. The contest consists of 3 highland games throwing events, and 3 strongman events. The highland games events consist of a Braemar Stone put, 56lb weight throw over a bar, and the caber toss. So far I have had the opportunity to train specifically for these events three times. It has been very fun to venture into these new disciplines and I feel that I am learning quickly how to handle the implements and am excited for the contest.   Additionally I have been training slightly lighter with the strongman implements. The goal here is to give my body a break from the high stresses put on it during strongman. However, once the highlander competition is completed it will be full steam ahead to the Arnold Classic Amateur Strongman Heavyweight contest. Although I will be one of the smallest competitors, I will bring the attitude, power and strength necessary to place well there! With HMB on my side I will be able to maximize my training for this highly sought after contest. Stay tuned for results from the Highlander and updates on strongman training.

Posted on October 1, 2009


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