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Highland Games Results

Blog Article ImageI went down to Warrensburg this past Saturday to compete in the Highlands in the Burg.  I was competing in the B class, and had a pretty successful day overall.  We started off with the Braemar stone, which is like a standing shotput with a 22 pound stone.  I had a throw of 30'2" which was not a PR, but a decent throw for me, and good for 2nd in this event.
Then we threw the open stone, which is like a shotput where you can use an approach with a 16 pound stone.  I hit a throw of 35'5" which, like the Braemar is not a PR, but a pretty good throw for me.  That was good enough for 3rd place in that event.
After we were done with the stones, we threw the weights for distance.  We started with the heavy weight (56 pounds).  This event went remarkably well for me that day, as I ended up hitting 28'8", which is over a 3' PR, good enough for 2nd. We threw the 28 pound weight next, and I went 50'9", which is an OK throw for me, not great.  This one was only good enough for 4th.
Next up was the caber, which has become my nemesis in the Heavy Games.  Saturday was no different.  I barely got one turn, and it was only a 2:45.  The good news is, I got lots of good advice to fix this.  It’s time to get a caber and start practicing. I placed 4th again.
Then we went to sheaf, which I have improved drastically in.  3 of us tied at 24' here.  I got second on countback.  I cleared 26', but it went into the bucket instead of over the bar.  If it had been a clean throw, it would have been a PR.
Lastly was my favorite event, the weight over bar.  I got the win with 12'6".  Then I went on to clear 13'.  After that I called for a PR height of 13'7" as it was feeling really good.  I had 3 throws that were over the bar, but they either went straight up and down, or landed on the bar, but bounced back down on the wrong side.
When the day was over, I had to settle for 3rd place by a point.  This is one of the most competitive B classes I have thrown in, as the throws I did currently put me ranked at 6th nationally, so with a decent day of throwing and a couple big PRs, I cannot complain.
Thanks to MTI for their continued support.  Got my HMB patch sewn onto my kilt especially for this occasion!

Posted on May 3, 2011


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