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Heavy Lifting for Women | Philita Wheeler

"What’s been your favorite thing that you’ve incorporated into your workouts?"

One of my favorite things I have added into my workouts is some heavy lifts.  I love to do heavy dumbbell rows, benching, and curls. I recently set a goal to do one-arm dumbbell rows with 90 pounds.  I surpassed that and did a set of 8 with the 95 pounds. It was a big day for me as I have a back day once a week and have been working up to them for about 6 months.  My ultimate goal is to be able to do 3 sets of 10 with 100 pounds.  I know it will take me a year to get there. I predict that long as I’m not a powerlifter, training for this, or eating to gain mass.

I can only bench a little heavier when I have a spotter, but I absolutely love to bench press. I think it’s because when I first started to lift just the empty barbell felt like a ton of weight.  Now I rep out 95 pounds without my spotter for multiple sets. 

I also have begun to lift heavier with straight bar curls. I had to stop lifting heavy with them a few years back as my wrist was given me trouble after curls.  I haven’t experienced the same issue yet, so until then I will keep moving forward!

I think I love these heavier lifts because it increases the intensity of all my workouts.  I try to incorporate one heavy lift in each workout.  The added weight increases my intensity and my heart rate!  I never use to leave the gym drenched from a back workout, however, adding in the heavy rows has been a game changer!  Not only am I working harder but the calorie loss and after burn have increased as well.

These lifts have translated into noticeable muscle gains, and increased soreness opportunities.  That is why I continue to take my HMB and eat a consistently healthy diet.  A part of me feels like I’m lifting the same way again I did when I competed in figure. That was quite a few years ago so the healthier diet and muscle repair properties of HMB are important to me.  I want to be able to stay healthy and recover fast so I can do it all over again the next week.  It continues to give me new goals and new numbers to reach. I absolutely love this new challenge!

Philita Wheeler, NPC Figure Competitor/Fitness Model

Posted on March 5, 2018


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