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Hazards of Winter | Brad Gillingham

Winter in Minnesota can be brutal with cold, snow, wind and ice to deal with on a daily basis for 5 months. These severe weather conditions are what make us Minnesotans.  We typically embrace the winter months, along with the harsh elements. This time of the year provides a  number of recreational opportunities in the form of snowmobile riding, skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, and hunting to name a few.   I normally handle the cold pretty well, and if -20 F starts feeling too cold, I look on the Weather Channel for the forecast of Oymyakon, Russia.  In that part of Siberia the average warm temperature is -50 F during the winter months.  This makes Minnesota weather not seem so bad.  The one winter element that usually gets the better of me at least once every year is ice. I carry a lot of my weight on top, and when the wheels get in motion there is not much to do but prepare for the inevitable crash.  My annual spill happened four weeks ago while walking out to my truck. Unfortunately I suffered a significant injury to my back and rib cage after slipping and falling awkwardly onto the back of my truck and pavement. Initially I got up right away, and was more concerned that the neighbors might have seen me than I was about injury.  The pain was delayed for several hours, but once it set in it has not been much fun.   Training has been out of the question.  It has been hard enough to get a few hours of sleep. The recovery has been much slower than I imagined.  I haven’t completely ruled it out, but at this point it does not look good for competing at the Arnold USAPL Pro Deadlift in March.

It is hard to predict how long the injury will keep me from training, but I am still planning on competing in several contests this year. Right now my main focus is to get healthy and be prepared to compete at the IPF Masters Classic World Championship in Killeen, Texas in June. 

Train smart, stay healthy, set your goals high, avoid slipping on the ice, and make sure to add GNC Pro Performance HMB along with BetaTOR, available at your local GNC Store, to supplement your strength, energy and recovery needs.
Stay Strong!


Posted on February 18, 2016


Sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you have a quick, full recovery!

Posted By Tom on 03/02/2016

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