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After a satisfying performance at my last show, I don’t like to wait too long to get back on stage. I am also the most conditioned and balanced I have ever felt with my training and nutrition which makes me even more eager to compete.

For the past year, I’ve been recovering from a shoulder injury. It was one of those nagging ones that is not too severe yet would limit certain training. For the past few months, weight training for my shoulders has been 100% which I’ve been very grateful for that ability. As for gymnastics practice, it has been a while since I’ve been able to do that type of training. My shoulder range of motion needs to be at its full potential without any pain for me to comfortably and safely practice gymnastics. Just recently, I can hold a back bend without any pain or weakness in my shoulders which means I have clearance on all gymnastics moves.

As a former gymnast, I obviously enjoy practicing the sport, but the fond memories are what make it even more fulfilling. Whenever I practice, I get the feeling of being a kid and having so much excitement for trying new flips. After flipping, I do some conditioning just as when I was young which is where I get many of my ideas for plyometric training. With this type of training, every muscle at every angle gets worked. By supplementing with HMB, I have faster recovery which leads to new levels of intensity as time progresses.

In addition to the full potential of training, my nutrition and supplementation is very much on track. It’s a learning process for everyone, whether competitive or not, to find a balance with training and nutrition to reach goals, maintain them, and have ample energy on a daily basis. I began to feel this balance when I started supplementing with HMB. Along with my balanced nutrition, it gives me the recovery I need to train at my highest intensity and the desire to push myself every time I’m in the gym.

I will be putting this training to use in approximately one month when I get back on stage to display my physique once again. Look out for me at the Phoenix Pro on August 27thand happy training to everyone!

Posted on July 26, 2011


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