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Happy New Year!

Blog Article ImageThe year 2012 is here, and the start of my 2012 competition schedule is right around the corner.  I am still in the process of trying to figure out what events I plan to compete at this year.  This is a little odd for me as I usually have most of my schedule figured out by this time.  I know for certain my first two events will be the 2012 GNC Pro Performance Arnold Deadlift Championships in March, and then the GNC Empire Classic Pro Deadlift in April.   I have been kicking around the possibiity of competing at the USAPL RAW Nationals in August in hopes of qualifying for the IPF Classic Event in Russia in 2013.  I may also compete at the USAPL Nationals, and the North American Championships.  The North Americans are in the Cayman Islands this year.  I think that would be a fantastic place to visit.  I have competed at North American events in Aruba, and Puerto Rico in the past and traveling to the Caribbean is always a good thing.

Part of my uncertainties is originating from an elbow problem that has progressively gotten worse over time.  I have some bad tendinitis and tendinosis in the distal triceps tendon attachment. I took almost a full 4 weeks off after the IPF Worlds. This is possibly the longest training break I have taken since I was in my teenage years.  My intent was to heal up and try to get the elbow, and the rest of the body feeling better.  The elbow problem actually got worse; which resulted in an MRI and PRP treatments. If the treatments work; I may be able to avoid surgery.  If not I will probably need surgery sometime after the Arnold....time will tell. I also found that 4 weeks off at my age may not be the best thing.  It took a long time to get the body working again. Strength is a funny thing.  I went from pulling 876 at the Worlds to having 600 lbs. feel heavy.  The bottom line is 600 lbs. is still 600 lbs. and when you take time off from training everything feels heavy! Thankfully my deadlift and squat training weights are now starting to feel better, and I think I am starting to pick up some momentum for the Arnold. I will continue to keep the pressing movements light in order to help rehab the elbow. 

No matter how long I have been pushing my body it always feels great to get back into training, eating right, and taking quality supplementation. I credit GNC Pro Performance HMB for giving me the energy and recovery to perform the heavy high volume workouts that are necessary to make progress. 

Train hard, stay healthy, set your goals high, and don't forget to add GNC Pro Performance HMB to your supplement list! Have a great year, and good luck in meeting your strength and fitness goals in 2012!!!


Posted on January 3, 2012


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