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Happy New Year!

Blog Article ImageThe year 2013 is here and it’s time to start working on setting some new strength and fitness goals.  I am not real big on making New Years Resolutions, but one thing I always try to do is take a good hard look at my training, and evaluate what weak areas I can improve on.  One area that I think any strength athlete can improve on is mobility training. It is generally easy for me to do a lot of mobility work at the beginning of a heavy training cycle, but as the weights start getting heavier I sometimes start leaving out the mobility work.  This is just the opposite of what I should be doing. Mobility work is critical when training heavy.  I have recently asked fellow Team HMB member Bryan Dermody to help me with some mobility exercises.  Bryan has a lot of knowledge in this area, and recently posted a YouTube video on a hip flexor stretch.  I feel this is a very valuable piece of information for any strength athlete.  I will start incorporate this stretch into my training in 2013.

I spent the first weekend of 2013 with GNC at the NSCA Sport Specific Conference and American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Conference in Nashville.  I always enjoy these conferences.  They are a great time to talk about nutrition and training with a number of knowledgeable coaches in the strength training field.  I always pick up some valuable training information.  Of course I am always quick to point out the benefits of adding HMB to any athlete’s supplementation plan.

One big tip that I always try to stress is the key to staying strong and getting stronger is to continue to learn and pick up knowledge from others.  Any well thought out training program will work for a while…. but nothing works forever.  It is important to stick with your basic training template, but continue to adapt especially in the area of assistance exercises.  There is always a weak chain in any strength athlete, and we always need to find new movements to train our weak areas.

The GNC Pro Performance Pro Deadlift at the Arnold is right around the corner. This is always a great event contested on the main stage of the Arnold Exhibition Hall during the peak time on Saturday in front of a huge crowd. My training right now is entirely focused on this event.  Training will start to ramp up and the real heavy training days are ahead of me these next six weeks.

Train smart, stay healthy, set your goals high, and don't forget to add GNC Pro Performance HMB to your supplement list! Good luck in meeting your strength and fitness goals in 2013!!!


Posted on January 15, 2013


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