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Happy Holidays!

Blog Article ImageIt is hard to believe that 2013 is almost over, Christmas is only two weeks away, and soon it will be 2014. The December days have become shorter and the Minnesota deer-hunting season is winding down.  With my mind still on that monster buck, I have been doing more hunting than lifting this past week.  As addicted as I am to strength training… I may be equally addicted to deer hunting. Any way you look at it one probably has to be a little crazy to enjoy either sport.  There can’t be anything sane about enjoying a grueling 5x5 squat workout; or sitting in sub-zero Minnesota weather hoping to get a glimpse of a deer.  Both sports can provide a huge adrenaline rush, and deer hunting is treated like a state holiday in Minnesota. I have been fortunate this year to get my 12 year old daughter interested in hunting which has provided for some great father/daughter time.  I only have a few more days left in the season to try to harvest a deer, and then my focus will be shifted towards getting ready for the Arnold Pro Deadlift. 

Keeping in mind the upcoming holiday travel, and the time I planned for deer hunting; I switched up my training the past 3 weeks to a two-day a week format.  I have been training 5x5 box squats, bench press and 10x1 deadlift two days a week.  I am keeping my training intensity at a low (60-75) percentage of max, and I have dropped most of my assistance exercises. I am finding this format to be very challenging and I am pretty tired out by the time I finish up the deadlifts.   I am going to continue with this training until the end of December and then I will switch back to my traditional training leading up to the Arnold.  It has been a good way to break up the normal routine. I am hoping the high volume of box squats will help stretch my chronic hip/glute/hammy problem. I am trying some different things in the bench press, and the 10x1 deadlifts at low intensity have been great for form, technique, and back rehab. In addition, combining all three of the powerlifts in the same workout has been great for conditioning…powerlifting cardio!

It’s time to start establishing some of your strength and fitness goals for 2014!!! Train smart, stay healthy, set your goals high, and don't forget to add GNC Pro Performance HMB to your supplement list.

Happy Holidays!


Posted on December 16, 2013


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