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Growing Season Continues...

Blog Article ImageIt seems like just yesterday I was prepping for the Kentucky Muscle show. Then I look at the calendar and it’s the end of March! I’ve been asked by hundreds of people when my next show is and what I have planned next. I may have been silent for a few months with blogs and so forth but don’t mistake silence for absence. I’ve been lifting heavier weights, putting on some size, training others, being a spokes model for SupZilla Nutrition (a nutrition store), and oh yeah, running my own accounting business…not to mention teaching accounting as well.

It’s been about 5 months since I have been on stage last and it’s time to make it official. I’m prepping for the biggest show of my life…Nationals in Florida November 2014 with several warm up shows in October and early November.  I’ve debated about a late spring National show but just don’t feel with everything I have taken on in my personal life that I can be fully dedicated to prep so soon. Additionally, the caliber of the girls in the National shows is unlike any other shows in the Nation and any other leagues.  These girls are fierce, determined, and jam-packed with muscle.

What have I been doing different to prep for this sort of undertaking?  I’ve been EATING a lot and absolutely giving 110% every workout. There are some workouts that leave me hung over a bench for a few minutes to recompose myself before leaving the gym. I think I’ve been sore for 4 months straight. Additionally, this ‘growing season’ I haven’t been stuffing myself with junk/comfort food.  No doubt I get my treats, but I’ve been continuing to live my usual chicken/steak, sweet potato and brown rice lifestyle.  I’m eating 80% clean at this point.  (Meaning of the 42 meals I eat a week roughly 35 of them are clean.)
I’ve also kept my cardio to a minimum.  I usually get a HIIT workout in once a week in order to maintain cardiovascular conditioning.  This is where the diet becomes key, since I’m not doing a lot of cardio; I need to keep the diet clean in order to avoid unnecessary pounds.

My growing season isn’t over yet and I will continue on my current regimen for a few more months to see where that takes my progress. I’m excited for the next few months and ultimately my journey to the stage! I continue to take HMB during these grueling training times in order to recover faster for the next workout. It remains a vital part in my recovery process along with BCAA’s throughout the day!

Continue to watch for updates from me!

Posted on March 26, 2014


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