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Greater Strength Gains found in Aged Female Rats with HMB use and Resistance Training

Researchers recently tested three groups of aged female rats in order to see the effects that HMB intake and resistance training had on muscular function.  The three groups included a control group, an HMB-supplemented group, at 0.46 g a day, and a non-HMB group.  The control group did not undergo any resistance training and did not ingest any HMB.  The other two groups underwent intense resistance training, and the subjects’ maximum strength was evaluated before, during, and post exercise. The group that underwent resistance training and took HMB showed significant increases in strength gains, which is most likely attributed to HMB increasing muscle mitogenic responses.  Overall, this study shows that using HMB, along with resistance training, leads to greater strength gains in aged individuals.

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Posted on November 4, 2014


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