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Blog Article ImageI had the pleasure of competing in my first Jiu Jitsu competition this weekend and it was an awesome experience. I was so excited that I could barely sleep the night after competing! I felt like a kid again when I competed in gymnastics since I was competing in a skill and with a team. I already had a good vibe; since the competition took place at the LA Fit Expo at the LA Convention Center. It was at the expo three years ago when I met and spoke with Metabolic Technologies (developers of HMB). After that meeting is when I joined Team HMB and began my journey with their tremendous amount of support and phenomenal supplement.
All of the white belts went last, so I was eagerly awaiting my match. My opponent and I ended up standing most of the time. I was mostly defending and trying a few takedowns here and there. Since I am usually practicing with teammates who are bigger, more experienced, or both, I don’t practice much offense. On the other hand, I get plenty of defense practice to say the least. By the time we went to the ground, there was very little time left. I defended more on the ground and then it ended in a draw.

This competition was submission only which I felt was in my favor. Even though I haven’t practiced many submissions when rolling in class, I felt like my defense was strong. Also, with my strength from years of weight training and HMB supplementation helped with my short time of experience in the sport. I was very pleased with my performance and look forward to getting to the gym to improve my game as always.

The most important part of my experience is the excitement of competing in a sport that relies on a skill. I’ve been missing that feeling since I stopped competing in fitness. I want to give a shout out to my fellow Team HMB athlete, Bryan Dermody, for being a part of my inspiration to start mixed martial arts training. Last year at this time I was looking to compete in a new sport. I love getting up on stage and showing my hard work, yet prefer to train and compete in a skill. I grew up doing just that with gymnastics and loved it.

I was reminded of how much I missed that type of competition when I saw Bryan compete at the Arnold last year. When I saw his excitement after beating his personal best, I felt just as emotional. I could feel his excitement and had tears in my eyes. As soon as I returned home, I began to research gyms for training and began my training soon after.

I’m planning on competing as often as possible in Jiu Jitsu tournaments this year. I am scheduled to compete in 3 bikini competitions as well. My next one will be March 9th in Culver City after a fun weekend at the Arnold Fitness Expo in Ohio!

Posted on January 23, 2013


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