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Getting to know Tate Fisher!

Blog Article ImageWe sat down with our newest athlete Tate Fisher to find out how this mother of 3 became obsessed with the sport of CrossFit.

Q: What is your athletic background?
TF:  I grew up playing every sport I could get my hands on...volleyball, basketball, soccer, track & field, swimming, tennis, softball, golf and even a little football (dad wouldn't let me play on the boys' team, so I settled for flag). I was also a ballet dancer from age 5 to age 15, but I quickly discovered that my talents were better spent either in a pool (I swam competitively for 9 years) or on a soccer field, rather than in a dance studio. At age 18, I went on to play soccer for Baylor University; but after two years, I decided to leave the athletic world behind and pursue my education more intently. Post-college, I never could get enough in the athletic realm; training at a Globo-gym just never quenched my competitive thirst. So I found as many pick-up games of soccer that I could...even as I started a family, I still made time to play on intramural teams. Then I began to hunger for more, so I started training for my first triathlon in 2006, but a torn ligament in my hip (thanks to an indoor soccer game) and a minor surgery (thanks to baby number 3!) laid that goal to rest. My training came back slowly after that, but I still needed more... it wasn't until 2010 that I found CrossFit, and there's been no turning back ever since!  

Q: What intrigued you to start up CrossFit in your 30's?
TF:  Aside from my persistent competitive nature & love for the athletic world, what intrigued me to start up CrossFit in my 30's was an overwhelming need to gain both physical and mental strength. As a young mother of three daughters under the age of 8, I faced a decision to either remain in an abusive marriage letting my daughters believe that was acceptable or pick myself up, take their little hands and lead them into a healthier existence. A friend of mine introduced me to CrossFit just 3 months after we left that situation, and I was addicted from the first day. The physical challenge combined with the phenomenal supportive community quickly became my "therapy", and I cannot imagine my life without it! 

Q: What is your favorite thing about CrossFit vs. training for a team sport?
TF:  Hmmmm, that's a tricky question...because a lot of what I love about CrossFit is the opportunity to compete as a team. I do love the mantra that "you are your own competition"--it's kind of like constantly have the opportunity to beat your own time (or increase the weight on your lifts), and any given day presents you with the opportunity to hit a PR (Personal Record). On the flip-side, it can be easy to become "self-absorbed" in this pursuit, so for me it's all about being equally as excited for my co-athletes or my Tribe members when they hit PR's, and when the opportunity arrives for team competition, I'm all over it...fighting for every rep for the sake of the whole team is doubly as exhilarating and rewarding! 

Q:  What do you think is the biggest misconception about CrossFit?
TF:  We all know there are a lot of misconceptions about CrossFit depending on whom you ask...but the biggest one across the board is that it causes injuries. Any sport can "cause" an injury...whether you're in the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, an Olympian, a marathon runner or what-have-you...when you pursue anything so vehemently as to make it "your sport," you risk injury, it's just part of the game. Now, for those who find themselves injured who are merely doing it as a their fitness regimen of choice, that opens up an entirely different can of worms...I'm sure I will share that in a blog-post in the near future. 

Q:  I know a lot of CrossFit athletes are advocates for a paleo or zone diet.  Do you follow a specific nutrition plan?
TF:  I have settled quite well into the world of Paleo. I find that I not only look better when I'm eating clean, but I feel a ton better and I perform better as well. I am about 85% Paleo on a consistent basis, and from time to time, when I need to completely detox, I will go 100% for 30-45 days. When I'm training hard, preparing for competitions or hitting 2-a-day workouts, I definitely add in a good portion of brown rice and sweet potatoes--I find that my energy and sustainability are far better that way. As a side note, I have my three children at about 85% Paleo as well, and they're not only much healthier, but they love eating the fun Paleo recipes we create together! 
Q:  What are the top 5 foods we would always find in your kitchen?
TF:  You will always find avocados, coconut oil, bananas, almond butter and eggs!!! Those are definitely staples for me. 

Q:  I know the CrossFit Open is just around the corner, are you competing?  If so, what type of training are you doing to prep for it?
TF: I am competing in the CrossFit Open--this will be my 4th year competing. Preparing for this year's Open hasn't exactly gone the way I'd hoped, due to the fact that I took some time off to let an injury heal from last season as well as the fact that I started a new job in January and don't have quite as much training time as I used to have. That being said, I have continued to do daily WOD's at full Rx, as well as some strength training when time permits, and I will give each Open WOD 110% and hope for the best! CrossFit is all about being prepared for the bring it on!

Q:  What’s your favorite Girl/WOD and your favorite movement in CrossFit?
TF: I have a few that I really like, but I gotta say...I LOVE Diane! Deadlifts are right in my wheelhouse, and I just really enjoy doing HSPU's and working to getting faster at them all the time. I don't know that I have one single favorite movement...but one of my faves is definitely muscle-ups. There's such a feeling of powerful satisfaction with each one I'm able to complete. 
Deadlift 155 lbs
Handstand push-ups
21-15-9 reps, for time

Q:  What’s your must-have accessory for WODs or strength training?
TF: My 2 must-have accessories for WODs are my strength wraps and my Rocktape! I am also just now learning that I'm long overdue for some knee-sleeves in my strength training...according to one of my friends, they're "game changers" I can't wait to see if that's true! 

Q:  What are your future goals with CrossFit and how will incorporating HMB help you get there?
TF: My future goals with CrossFit are to make a team for 2015 Regionals, then possibly make it as an individual thereafter...especially as I hit Masters in just a few short years. Incorporating HMB is helping me achieve these goals by improving my performance, my body composition, my strength and my overall muscle health. With the repetitive intensity that has become a lifestyle for us CrossFitters, it is impossible to reduce muscle fatigue and enhance recovery just with a clean diet and sleep. The superior science behind Metabolic Technologies HMB is providing fuel for success! 

Thanks Tate for your time today and we are excited to have you as a part of Team HMB!




Posted on February 25, 2014


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