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Getting Photo Shoot Ready | Philita Wheeler

I have had an action-packed summer with vacations and photo shoots!  I am asked a lot how to prep for a photo shoot and whether it is as grueling as prepping for a show.  The answer to that is definitely NO!  When prepping for a show you basically must measure every gram of food and follow your workout and posing routine plans to a “T”.

When it comes to my normal routine I am consistently eating healthy meals of chicken, lean beefs, and vegetables. However, it also has a lot of flexibility with some snacking and treats on the weekend.  When I am prepping for a photo shoot I clean up the snacks and my weekends.  I still allow myself a treat on the weekend but it’s nothing like the large “cheat meals” I would eat during preps because I allow myself more freedom of food choices during the week.  This way I am not starving or craving a certain food.

My current photo shoot routine is a morning workout followed by my typical oats, protein powder, and peanut butter.  I work anywhere from 8-11 hours a day so I try making my meals easy and convenient.  I take a small snack, usually anything with some protein, and then I have a salad for lunch with extra chicken.  I again have a small snack before leaving work and then I try to do some cardio about 3-4 days during the week if I am prepping for a shoot, up from my normal 2 cardio sessions a week.

The cardio I do is a mix of long slow distance running and sprints.  I do switch it up from time to time but I love to run so it works out better for me.

My dinner usually consists of fish, like salmon, and extra vegetables followed by egg whites for a snack before bed. My current supplement routine is HMB, fish oil, BCAA’s, and a multi vitamin.  I like to keep it simple and it works well with my busy work schedule!

I definitely push myself harder during photo shoot preps because I want to present my best self to the world.  I don’t need to be show day lean for a shoot because the shoots I do is for a target market of a healthy and fit audience, not a hard-core bodybuilding market.

I lift 5-6 days a week and include a lot of leg plyos in them. Nothing has helped keep my legs as lean as the plyos have.  I absolutely love them and it keeps all my workouts fresh and fun.

I usually take the holidays and early winter off from any photo shoots and resume them in the spring, around the time of Arnold Sports Festival. So until then I am back into my normal routine and can’t wait to start my photo shoot prep routine again!

Until then stay tuned for some more fun updates on my workouts and preps!

- Philita Wheeler, Fitness Model & Figure Competitor

Posted on October 12, 2017


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