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Getting Balanced

Blog Article ImageTraining is going well, right now I am working with Kasem Hanson, a professional trainer in the Des Moines area and he has a system of exercises that are designed to keep your body in balance and promote gains at a faster level than normal.  This system has been used by Olympic Athletes as well as NFL and NHL players. With this new program my flexibility has increased and I feel more in balance. Everything in weight lifting is about form and tempo, and I have been training for over 14 years and even though I have won several competitions, there were numerous things I was doing wrong, which to be quite honest, is very frustrating to learn that you have not been doing everything the right way!   Over the last year I have been struggling with injuries and my new trainer convinced me that was coming from my training techniques, so far so good.  I’m now doing a tremendous amount of stretching type exercises, focusing on my hip flexors and trap 3 muscle group.  These are two of the groups that affect your push pull ratio, I have recently learned that my pushing ratio is much weaker than it should be compared to what I can pull, so now I am focused on specific exercises that will improve these and get my body more in balance.  Working hard in the off season, keeping HMB as part of my regular supplement package and striving towards a strong 2011.  At 41 yrs old now, my training gets thrown a curveball every now and then based on recovery and stamina, I am thankful that I have been taking HMB as long as I have, compared to other guys my age in the gym, they definitely deal with more problems than I have to.  Stay focused in your training and keep pushing for new ways to succeed.

Posted on December 8, 2010


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