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Four Weeks until Game Time

Blog Article ImageAs everyone in the strength and fitness world knows, the Arnold is approaching very quickly. There are four main reasons I am excited about it:

1) I will be competing in the Amateur Strongman World Championships for the second time. Last year I finished 25th place out of 48 competitors and this left a lot to be desired. I am confident I can best last year’s placing and compete for one of the coveted top ten spots in the finals. My pressing was my biggest weakness last year and I feel I have drastically improved this aspect in my strength game. If you are at the festival on Friday morning you should definitely make a stop at this contest. Last year it was run very fast, with non-stop action. We will be lifting logs, picking up cars, carrying 800+ lb yokes, and carrying 400+ lb metal tombstones.

2) I will also be spending some time at the MTI/HMB booth during the weekend.
Make sure you stop by there and talk to myself and the other Team HMB athletes. You can see in person a true example of how beneficial this supplement is. If you’re serious about getting better at your sport, this is a must on your list of booths to stop at while attending the Arnold Sports Festival.

3) The pro strongman contest which occurs at various times throughout the weekend. This is traditionally the heaviest strongman contest in the world every year and this year they have stepped it up again. There are some surprising but also interesting event changes that actually have me really looking forward to the contest. I am especially interested in seeing if anyone will clean the 440lb apollon’s axle in one motion.

4) Those of us involved in strength sports like strongman will be able to relate to this one. We make a lot of friends while competing in these contests that we only get to see a couple times a year. I am definitely looking forward to get a chance to catch up with some of these friends.

So mark your calendars for March 2-4 with the following: Arnold Sports Festival, Strongman, and MTI/HMB booth.

Posted on January 30, 2012


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