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Blog Article ImageAt the end of last month I competed in the Five Grappling CA open and it was my first time in the intermediate division and as a blue belt. I was the most pleased with my performance in this tournament than any other. It was the first time I was breathing well and didn’t feel gassed at the end of the matches, which makes all the difference. Since I’ve started competing in jiu jitsu tournaments, keeping my breathing slow and calm has been my biggest challenge. I felt dramatically better during my matches and more calm and clear in general as well. I had 3 matches in which I won the first two and lost the finals match all by points. I’m always excited and eager to get back to training and improve my game.

The next weekend I was off to the Arnold Fitness Expo in Ohio to work at the HMB booth. I had a great time seeing the Team HMB family and feeling the awesome energy there with all of the athletes competing. Besides HMB, we were also promoting new supplements, BetaTOR and Peak ATP. I have to say that these have both made a tremendous difference in my training. My recovery and lack of soreness after the most intense training session is at a whole new level. I can’t say enough good things about both of them.

I’m currently doing a lot of glute training in the gym to add some size before I begin my contest prep and also continuing with my jiu jitsu classes, private lessons, and wrestling lessons to improve my grappling. Everything has been going very smooth and I was looking forward to entering another tournament last weekend. Unfortunately, it has been rescheduled to the weekend after I return from vacation. I was still considering entering until I realized that it was the first week of my contest prep. After I reflected on what did not work for me last year, I promised myself this year that I wouldn’t overlap any contest prep with tournaments. I want to keep myself 100% for each, so I can be at my best.

So my next competition will be an IFBB show in the beginning of July. After already working with Team Edge, all injuries healed for some time, and training at 100% this year, I am thrilled to see my physique at its best. With the help of HMB and BetaTOR supplements, my prep will be a breeze. I’ve been more focused than ever and will be hungry for contest prep after I return from a well-deserved vacation! Happy Training!

Posted on March 27, 2014


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